Originating in Austria, we are a proud family owned and operated business with over 25 years of experience in the hospitality, food and beverage industry.

Our concept will bring to you a unique culinary journey through a variety of traditional and authentic flavours, influenced by our home inspired Bavarian recipes that date back over many decades.

Our family heritage has influenced the choices of food along with the finest locally sourced ingredients in a clean and contemporary manner.



Our meals are all prepared and served fresh to each customer’s order whilst maintaining the consistency of our full-sized meals that will bring your experience to the heart of Germany.

Our food truck has been specifically designed and fitted out with brand new kitchen appliances and equipment ensuring the highest level of quality at all times. We pride ourselves on our highly skilled and educated employees who have individually dedicated many years to the hospitality sector by providing exceptional service across our venues in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Our staff have undertaken the mandatory and required COVID-19 safety and training protocols to ensure regulations and compliance standards are met by the NSW Government. Alongside with our staff, we also ensure that our suppliers follow the same strict food and safety guidelines at all times.



As we are operating as a food truck in open public spaces/events we are unable to supply alcohol to our customers however, we do hold a liquor license that allows us to serve alcohol to any privately catered functions.

So, let us do what we do best and bring Oktoberfest to your next event! Our street menu is ready to be showcased to many upcoming public events and/or private functions.



Need our knuckles to come 2 you? Let us do all the work and provide for your next event by removing the stress of reserving a typical dinning and restaurant experience. Our truck will drive to you and supply a specialised menu based on your preferences or needs. Whether it be a sporting/social event, team building & bonding exercise or something as straight forward as a birthday party, Knuckles 2 You will ensure your event is truly memorable.

Let us bring you on our journey by creating the full Oktoberfest experience through the design of our food truck, traditional music, beer hall inspired tables and chairs down to our staff dressed in the traditional ‘Drindl’s and Lederhosen’.

We love teams that get on board with us and take our theme as seriously as we do! We offer prizes for our customers who come best dressed.



Knuckles 2 You offer bespoke services by tailoring our menu to your specialised event whether it be via truck signage, incorporating the use of your branding and logos onto our products or simply advertising through our social media platforms.

We also have experience in working alongside product launches and start-up companies who are after our catering services on site (i.e after a full day of winery tours we will provide your lunch as a pit stop to keep you going for the day). We offer great packages of either pre-paid or a ‘pay as you go’ options to best meet your needs and requirements.

We always do our best by being as flexible as possible, so please reach out to us with any further queries.